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Labmaq do Brasil not only manufactures and sells its line equipment, but it also offers customized solutions. Our technical team includes engineers, pharmacists and chemists who have vast experience in offering the best solution for each type of process and product.

This service has already been carried out for companies in numerous sectors such as the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, agrochemical, fine chemical and biotechnology industries.

Our team at Labmaq designs equipment specifically for your needs. We offer: down scale projects, in which customers need a copy of their industrial plant on a laboratory scale so that new products can be created, and later returned to the production scale with the developed formulations; scale up, in which customers need to increase their production scale according to existing laboratory equipment to meet growing demands; and consultancy and adequacy of equipment that is not in full operation or meets demands, requiring changes in design and construction.

What our customers say

The equipment worked very well, it's easy to work with. After-sales service is always a problem at other companies, but at Labmaq it is very good

Professor Fabíola - CTGAS (Senai)

LABMAQ has a team of extremely qualified, committed and attentive professionals. The equipment sold by the company is of excellent quality and the training offered is of a high level, being taught on a scientific and technological basis. The assistance and support provided after the purchase of the equipment is excellent, the employees are always willing to help and solve doubts. I will certainly recommend them. Congratulations!

Profa. Dra. Kaciane Andreola - IMT (Instituto Mauá de Tecnologia)

Labmaq is an excellent company in many respects. The technical assistance and sales team are very helpful. The products are of high quality and easy to work with!

Cassiano Pires - Depto de Química UFPR - Curitiba

The company is really excellent: great service and better price compared to competitors

Prof. Dr. Ricardo Marreto - UFG (Goiânia)

There is a set of factors for me to recommend Labmaq: price, product quality and service

Profa. Dra. Elisa - UNESP (Araçatuba)

Excellent technical assistance and good products

Profa. Dra. Soraia Vilela Borges - Universidade Federal de Lavras

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