Labmaq was founded in 2002 based on innovation focusing on Research & Development. We come up with efficient national solutions that were previously outside the domain. Our team is highly trained and most of these professionals have a higher education degree. We join together practical experiences and knowledge acquired by our team, comprising engineers, pharmacists and specialized chemists with postgraduate degrees.

The company has 35 years of experience in spray drying and microencapsulation, granulation, drying, extraction and coating by fluidized and spouted bed, among others. We begin each project by understanding our customers' needs, proceeding to project design and engineering, execution and manufacturing, and applying and validating the solution. We adopt a customer-focus philosophy.


To create innovative solutions to develop science and technology, contributing to the evolution of humanity in a sustainable way.




To develop effective solutions that add value to our customers' processes and products using exclusive equipment and services.




To be the best partner of reputable researchers and specialists in Latin America.





We defend Innovation, Integrity, Quality and Sustainability as the Labmaq's foundation, which impels us to perform on a daily basis showing commitment and enthusiasm.



In 2002, having studied pharmaceutical and food industry processes, a university professor with a PhD in engineering designed and manufactured the first spray dryer on a laboratory scale in Brazil, starting the project that would become Labmaq do Brasil. Today, more than 20 years after being founded, Labmaq is constantly improving and expanding its portfolio, offering more efficient solutions to its customers. We have more than 200 pieces of equipment installed and in operation in a wide range of companies, educational institutions and innovation centers throughout South America.

Principais Marcos


Foundation of Labmaq do Brasil.


Launch and sale of the first Spray Dryer.


Launch and sale of the first Fluidized Bed.


Approvals of innovation projects with FINEP.


Mark of 100 Installed Equipment.


Approvals of innovation projects with PIPE / FAPESP.


Restructuring of senior management aimed at better Corporate Governance practices.


Mark of 200 equipment installed.

Labmaq 20 anos

Aniversário de 20 anos e modernização visual da marca.

Labmaq uses the BIA (B Impact Assessment) as a tool to measure its stage of evolution and performance in relation to ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance).

The B Impact Assessment was created by the B Lab to diagnose how companies' operations and business models affect their employees, community, environment and customers - from their supply chain and input materials to the benefits offered to employees and relationships with customers.

The Global Movement of B Corps was created in 2006 in the United States aiming to redefine success in the economy so that not only financial success is considered, but also the well-being of society and the planet.

This is a global community of leaders who use their businesses to build a more inclusive, equitable and regenerative economic system for people and the planet and Labmaq is part of this movement.

Labmaq do Brasil believes that the future of the world lies in the new generations, who will be responsible for positive transformations in society and the planet. Thus, we contribute mainly through financial support to projects and institutions that impact vulnerable children:

GACC - Support Group for Children with Cancer

The Support Group for Children with Cancer is a Social Organization that offers Highly Complex Special Social Protection Programs – Casa de Passagem – to families in socially vulnerable situations seeking treatment for cancer or blood diseases.

CORASSOL - Guidance, Reintegration and Social Assistance Center

CORASSOL is a Nonprofit Organization (NPO) in Ribeirão Preto (charitable and philanthropic), which for more than 35 years has shared solidarity, love and humanitarian services, mediating actions between those who provide resources and those who need them, to ensure a healthy quality of life.

CARIB – Reception Center of Ribeirão Preto

This center offers reception services for children and/or adolescents away from family and strengthening bonds where activities are offered, whose objective is to develop a sense of belonging and identity, strengthening bonds and human values.

Committed to preserving the environment, Labmaq continuously monitors our indicators in the environment through the BIA (B Impact Assessment), in addition to carrying out actions such as:

•        Selective collection of materials and partnerships with local recycling centers.

•        Correct disposal of manufacturing waste.


•        Conscious energy consumption.

•        Preference for digital information rather than printing.

        All of the company's leftover food is given to a partner farm on a daily basis.

Labmaq's Codes of Ethics present the expected conduct of all managers, employees, partners and all those who work in the company's ecosystem.

Below is a form in which your message will be sent directly to the company's Board of Directors anonymously.  Please do not forget to provide all the necessary details to assist in the investigation of the complaint. We expect any violations of codes of ethics to be reported promptly. Don't be part of it, report it!

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